It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year…

I always get excited as the holidays approach.  I don’t care that I don’t have school, although it is nice.  I care about making other people happy.  Even though the holidays are over, you can still help make a difference in people’s lives.  On Tuesday, January 23, my team when to a nursing home.  There we sang Christmas carols and beforehand, we made snow flakes to give them.  As we sang, they danced and sang along as well.  This made me feel really good inside.  For the rest of the day, I was ecstatic.  The holidays are suppose to bring people together and have fun.   If you are really bored and you sitting at home, please try to make a difference in someone’s life.


Have you ever made a difference in people’s lives?

If you have, do you recommend anywhere to help people?

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Middle School

It is finally summer vacation.  I am so excited that school has come to a close, but many 6th graders are going to go through changes.  They will be entering into the middle school which is a lot different than elementary schools.   As a peer leader, I had an amazing opportunity to talk to the previous 6th graders and answer some questions that they had.  I know that they must still be nervous about the middle school but that is why I am here is write some tips about how to handle 7th grade.


  1. Buy shelves for your locker to keep you organized
  2. Make sure you have all of your supplies during locker breaks
  3. On the first day, make sure you do the summer reading and do it thoroughly
  4. Be outgoing and make new friends

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Limited Time Only: Fact or Marketing Ploy? Part 2 Investigative Report on Hot Sauce Pringles by Natalie

For Easter my mom gave me hot sauce pringles so I decided to try them.  They were so delicious.  I decided to bring them to school.  Like the cheeseburger pringles they were a hit!  Now I can’t find them.  I have been searching near and far but no luck.  I was very upset as you can see. We went to Walmart (where they are usually located) and they were there.   I called the pringles company to investigate and fix the horrible mishap.  I talked to a really nice girl named Iliana.  I asked her a few questions.  These are some of the questions I asked.   I asked are you still making hot sauce pringles.  She said yes, but the reason I can’t find them is because they are sold in certain stores.  Iliana said that the pringles are sold at Walmart and Target.  Iliana’s favorite pringles are the original.  The most popular flavor is the cheeseburger ones.  Not a surprise because they are so good.  The pringles company came up with new kinds.  For example they made new pringles sticks.  For calling the company, Illiana was so nice that she gave me a coupon for pringles sticks!  Hot sauce are just as good as cheeseburger pringles.  Maybe more.  Get yours today.


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How You Can Help In Your Community By Makinsay

Makinsay won a contest.  The prize was she could write any post she wants to.  So here it is.

It’s summer, and you are probably bored, (like me) and don’t know what to do. You probably tell your mom or dad and they say “Do something productive, like chores!” Well, good news, there is something else you can do; Community Work! Here are some ideas; baking cookies for fireman, volunteering for community events, donating old clothes to shelters,Goodwill, etc. The possibilities are endless. Even little things count, such as picking up trash, or helping someone cross the road. It’s important that we get out in the world and help others because, think about it, if we all tried to do good deeds for our community, think about how the world would be a better place. Well now that you have something to do this summer, get off your computer ( but bookmark Natalie’s site, it’s really great) and get started!


Have you ever helped your community?

Do you have any ideas about helping your community?


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Drift On A Great Book

I just read a really good book.  For summer, our school is making us read one book.  We have a list that we have to chose from.  Then we have to write what questions or feelings we had throughout the book.  I chose the Raft.  The Raft had 233 pages.  Some scenes might be a little scary for some people.  The Raft is about a girl named Robie who took a flight to Honolulu to visit her aunt AJ for a month like she always does.  Her aunt has to cut Robie’s vacation a week short because AJ has to unexpectedly go to LA for her job, so Robie decides to take the next flight back to Midway where she and her parents live.  The plane is running good until a sudden storm hits and the co pilot (Max) tells Robie to put a life jacket on while he gets a raft.  Next thing she knows she is in the middle of the ocean with Max.  Max and Robie are the only ones who survived the crash.  Max has a secret that not even we know or yet.  Max isn’t all what he seems.  They only have a bag of Skittles.  Can they survive?  I hope that you all enjoy this book as much as I do.


The Raft

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Yesterday we went to Sandwich and we went to the marshes.  It was a blast.  We went to the ocean and we looked at all of the animals.  We found a lot of crabs.  After we went to the beach, we went to eat.  We went to a restaurant named Surf’s Up.  I had buffalo wings.  They were so good.  I also had 4 pieces of cheese pizza and nachos.  We all shared food.  After we ate I din’t even eat dinner.  I was still full.  On the way home I was very tired and so was Ariel so we took a nap on the bus but we were ended up woken by one of our classmates.  Overall it was awesome.  


Pickle grass

Pickle grass




Have you ever went to Sandwich?

If you have, what did you do that was fun?

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Dennett Travels Around the World in Less Than a Day

Yesterday was our geography fair.  The geography fair is when we pick a country.  Then, we have to do a poster and dress up a cardboard cut out of a person.  It was really fun.  It took a lot of hard work.  We have been working on this project from the beginning of September!  Then it was time to show what we learned.  I had Portugal.  Portugal is in Europe.  Here are some pictures.  Enjoy!

Ben F.  He had Russia

Ben F. He had Russia


Me who have Portugal

Me who had Portugal


Tristan - Costa Rica

Tristan – Costa Rica

Emily B - Italy

Emily B – Italy

Ariel - Switzerland

Ariel – Switzerland


If you are from a different country, please tell me some interesting facts about where you are from?

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Another Challenge By Molly C.

A woman walked into an ice cream shop and asked for a cup of chocolate ice cream. The Man at the counter said “I’m sorry, we are all out of chocolate ice cream.” The woman thought about it for a moment and finally said “Alright, I will have a CONE of chocolate ice cream!”. The man sighed and stated again that they were all out of chocolate ice cream. Once again the woman asked for chocolate ice cream in a different form. The man finally pointed to the chalk board behind him and said “Do you see the word Van in Vanilla?” The woman looked for a moment and replied yes. “Well, do you see the word Straw in Strawberry?” he asked. Again, she answered yes. “Then, you must the the word Flip inside on chocolate!” The woman searched and looked and squinted her eyes. What did she say? Did it make her understand where her chocolate ice cream is?

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Are you up for the Challenge?

At school they had a contest to see who can write the most creative writing.  The catch was it had to be about what they do with the MCAS test booklets.  There were three winners at school.  The winners were Ariel (Ari’s Safari), Emily (The Truth about Life), and me.  It was really fun.  I loved seeing people’s stories.  Now I want you to write a story.  The only rule is that it can’t be too bloody.  Other than that, let your imagination run wild.  With most contests there is always a prize.  The prize is that you can write your own post.  Here is my story. They are sharp.  They are dangerous.  They are roaming everywhere.  They are not as innocent as they seem.  When you take MCAS, the booklets go back to the DESE. Or so you think.  Contest ends June 8,2013

They just call themselves the DESE which they are.  They aren’t lying about it.  You just think that it stands for Department of Elementary and Secondary Education because of people who misinterpret it.  It really stands for Diabolical Educator Super Eaters.  They feed on education.  I don’t know how people misinterpret that, but you would be surprised what people say these days.  They really are gigantic number two pencils that feed on knowledge.  That’s why you have to use number two pencils only.  That is their army.  When you are writing with the pencil, after you are done with the test, the pencil sucks up all the knowledge.  That is why pencils are long so that they can hold lots of knowledge.  Then they run back all the way to “Pencilvania” (where the DESE is located).  Then they spit all the knowledge into a can.  The gigantic pencils are getting stronger by the minute.  We want you.  We need you.  So join us.  Join us to protect innocent children.  Are you in?  I am a secret agent.  My name is Natalie.  I have the best crew.  We are brave enough to handle the worst pencils in all of Pencilvania.  Agent beaver, my trusty sidekick, my mom, and me.  She is convincing and awesome.


We decided to take a plane to “Pencilvania.”  We finally found their business.  We crashed through the window.  Glass everywhere.  I didn’t even notice though.  The pencils seemed shocked.  We all knew what was going to happen.  We got our weapons out.  We got our pencil sharpener cannons and they had pointed pencils lined up.  They were smart.  Everyone knows that we humans hate sharp pencils that can hurt us.  Luckily, my mom was prepared and she had band-aids.  I charged at them and so did agent Beaver.  agent Beaver started to chew away the pencils until there were no pencils left to chew.

Then we decided to go back home.  Then we had to stop at McDonald’s, of course.  This McDonald’s wasn’t like any old McDonald’s, oh no.  It had the spiciest, the best buffalo wings.  They had anything.  Even liver and onions if you really wanted it.  I got a nine piece buffalo wing, fries, large milkshake, two donuts wrapped in bacon, and a three piece mozzarella sticks.  The others weren’t hungry.  We just fought a horde of angry pencils that tried to kill us.  It can work up an appetite.  But whatever.  Then we went back home and I started to do my worldly wise.  I am an agent in disguise.  It sometimes gets annoying because I had to go through kindergarten through twelfth grade.  Kids have a tough job.

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Day 3 of the Norwegian Cruise 4/16/13

We stopped in Florida today and we are headed to Disney.  I haven’t been to Disney since I was really little.  I forgot how fun it is.  The bus ride was an hour but I slept the whole way there so it felt like 2 or 3 minutes.  We went to Magic Kingdom.  We first saw Splash Mountain but the line was huge so we got a fast pass.  That means you have to go on other rides until 1 hour is up.  We went on other rides that were fun. Then we finally got to go on the ride.  We jumped in the seats but it was already wet from the other people.  I didn’t care.  My mom didn’t let me take any pictures because she didn’t  want the camera to get wet.  Then came the big drop we were just hanging there.  Then after a few minutes it just dropped.  It was so cool.  After the ride we were all soaked.  After the ride, we went to Space Mountain.  You couldn’t see anything because it is pitch black.  You turn and twist.  It is so much fun. My mother didn’t agree.  Her stomach didn’t feel good and she hated it.  It was so much fun.  After that it was getting late so we decided to get on the bus and go home.   It was really hot there so we had to get 4 water bottles and put on lots of sunscreen.



All my family.

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